Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution acts as a secure container, separating personal and enterprise data on iOS and Android devices. With this “dual persona” approach, we can deliver comprehensive mobile security for your business – without impacting the rest of the device or user experience.

Core MDM

  • SMS, email or URL over-the-air (OTA) enrollment
  • Passcode & encryption enforcement
  • Email, VPN & Wi-Fi profiles
  • Device restriction settings
  • Remote locate, lock & wipe (full & selective)
  • Jailbreak & root detection
  • Policy updates & changes
  • Compliance reporting
  • Email access controls
  • Corporate directory integration
  • Certificate management
  • BYOD privacy settings

Advamced MDM

  • Core MDM Features
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Expense Management

Our MDM Features include:

  • Quarantining new devices automatically until authorized to access your network

  • Pushing enterprise policies over the air, such as Wi-Fi, E-Mail and VPN profiles

  • Application blacklisting and blocking device access

  • Enforcing passcode protection, encryption and security updates

  • Wiping corporate data from lost or stolen devices remotely